Since our inception in 1938, SEPCO has proven our commitment to quality products and responsive service.

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1976- Present

Howard Feldsher started working at SEPCO in 1976 and purchased the company in 1988. As a family-owned business that was founded in 1938, Howard was confident in his ability to use his innate sales and marketing skills to build and manage what was once a metal fabricating and stamping company. Through his guidance, SEPCO boasts over 75 years of continued expansion and stability.

From 1966 to 1976, Howard gained a solid financial background on Wall Street, where he served as Vice President of Municipal Bond and Bank Loan Departments for some of the largest brokerage houses in the financial arena. This experience allowed him to establish a solid foundation in the business world, and it is where he honed his effective managerial capabilities.

Howard Feldsher is a seasoned leader in the Electrical Distribution Industry and a highly regarded expert in all aspects of electrical conduit fittings. He is currently President and Owner of Steel Electric Products Company, Inc. (SEPCO). Among his many accomplishments at SEPCO, he has been the driving force behind growing this company exponentially, now offering 2,000 SKUs, specializing in malleable iron, steel, and aluminum conduit products. Through his ability to establish long-term relationships with major companies worldwide, he has quadrupled sales to distributors and has maintained the same level of customer service. Even in the most challenging economic times, his talent for managing teams, financials, and inventory have helped SEPCO thrive. Without relying on credit lines, he ensures SEPCO, and all of his business ventures, continue to flourish.

In 1997, Howard identified a lucrative opportunity in the production and sale of electrical conduit fittings to manufacturers. He co-founded Steel Components, Inc. (SCI) and served as Vice President, offering a wide breadth of knowledge in pricing at manufacturing levels, providing unparalleled success in competitive sales strategies and negotiations. Acting as an independent, Howard has an understanding of the industry that spans international markets—he sells to the largest distributors in the world because his focus is on excellence. He and his co-founders of SCI sold the company in 2014.

In all endeavors, Howard strives to maintain customers that are more than satisfied. His creative and flexible policies and procedures are designed to meet the unique needs of each account; in other words, he is easy to do business with. He fosters trust and loyalty in all of his relationships, which is the key factor in the growth of his companies. In addition, he has also developed strong teams throughout his career, employing one individual for 53 years.


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