Since our inception in 1938, SEPCO has proven our commitment to quality products and responsive service.

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Philip Reddock first established SEPCO with his father Morris, in Brooklyn, NY, in 1938. They first started selling metal fabricating and stamping parts out of a garage. Morris would go on the road selling to customers while Phil handled the makeshift office and orders that came in. They eventually moved to a building, enlarging their inventory, increasing their staff and employees, and growing their customers.

During World War ll, when Phil was in the service, his wife Judith and sister Shirley, along with Morris, kept SEPCO successfully running. Phil was a self-taught musician; he played the piano from the time he was a child. During his time in the service, he would play the piano and entertain the troops while he was stationed in England. Phil was able to just sit down at a piano and play whatever was requested. He continued playing the piano for the rest of his life and always enjoyed entertaining others or just playing for himself.

In 1976, Phil’s son-in-law Howard Feldsher joined the business, eventually purchasing it in 1988. Howard’s son Ross joined the company in 2001, becoming the fourth generation of the SEPCO family, which Phil was so very proud of. Philip may have started small but envisioned growing larger, and eventually achieved and accomplished what he and his father Morris set out to do. Philip retired in 1988 but was always interested and excited about what was happening in the business. Phil passed away in 2001, creating a legacy at SEPCO that continues to thrive today.


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