Since our inception in 1938, SEPCO has proven our commitment to quality products and responsive service.

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Vice President of Operations


2001- Present

Ross Feldsher started working at SEPCO for his father Howard at the age of 19. He started from the bottom up by working in the packaging department in the warehouse, which allowed him to learn all of the thousands of parts that SEPCO carried and what the function and application for each part was. He continued working there in the summers while attending college and eventually started to work full time as a warehouse manager after he graduated college in order to increase his knowledge of the business and create a solid platform into the electrical fitting world.

Ross graduated with a business degree from Baruch College and went full time into working at SEPCO. Ross has always been a first-rate basketball player, starting in elementary school, junior high school, high school, and continuing onto the team at Baruch College. He was named Top 10 Best Jewish Basketball players in the country in 2000. He continues to play recreationally and in various leagues, where he usually leads the league in scoring.

Ross and Howard together have expanded and quadrupled sales while maintaining the same level of customer service. Their innovativeness throughout the years has awarded them some of the highest-profile jobs /projects, not only here in the domestic market but also in the international market as well. Their customers know the exceptional customer service and expedient deliveries they receive are just part of the SEPCO creed.

Ross brings his vast knowledge of computers to the business and has streamlined the traditional way of doing business. He modernized all of the computer’s operations, marketing efforts, built a user-friendly website, and has created a fully color-coded sophisticated design of a catalog.

He has established relationships over the years with his customers that show they have become more than business acquaintances; they are truly friends.

Ross is Vice-President of SEPCO, and as his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him, he continues the legacy of what has made SEPCO such a success; personal customer service, exceptional deliveries, and always looking to see how they can improve. He is firmly committed to new product development and continues with introducing new items to their already extensive product line. He always emphasizes that “nothing is ever written in stone” and values his flexibility as a company to provide whatever is necessary for the customer.


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